What is WOSHIE

WOSHIE is an organisation with the objective to spread and promote health protection to people in indoor environments.

Currently, due to the world-wide alert caused by the Corona virus Covid-19, spreading and promoting prevention measures, protection and containment of this virus will be, for the time being, the only objective of WOSHIE.

WOSHIE is composed of companies, professionals and institutions that, once registered, will be members of WOSHIE.

A member of WOSHIE may be people, businesses and institutions from any country around the world that is interested in the protection and health of people inside buildings.

The members of WOSHIE may register in the mode “confidential”, thus not appearing on the web site or “visible” which will make them visible on the web site.

Members will acquire a membership number and a certificate to indicate their support for WOSHIE in its current activity which is to promote safe environments where people are protected from the virus infection.

Members may also participate actively with WOSHIE by sending proposals and information of interest as well as to indicating willingness to cooperate with WOSHIE in its activities concerning the protection of individual health in indoor environments.